What is Mobile Marketing?

Remember all those ads and apps that pop up whenever you log in from your tablet, cell phone, phablet (or any other portable device) to your Facebook, Twitter or any orher social media account? Mobile marketing means marketing on some type of mobile device (cell phone, phablet, tablet, etc.) In today’s world, using the Internet outside your house and office desktop environment is becoming increasingly popular. In order to stay connected with their customers, mobile marketing has become a vital marketing channel for many businesses.

Mobile marketing is mostly part of many other social media channels like Facebook, for example. Now, given that 500 million people have Facebook apps on their mobile device, it sounds like an excellent way to generate more potential customers and expand your business. To put things into perspective, the majority of businesses with customer-facing applications have more than a 75% increase in the app audience over the past year.


Internal apps and Push messages:

Internal apps and push messages have also shown to be very efficient when it comes to generating potential customers. As more and more people rely on their portable devices to do their job, apps have a significant role in communicating, purchasing, training, etc.

Make it personal! Speaking of apps in marketing, your customers likely have dozens of apps, competing for their attention. In order for your app to be the one on top of the list, there are some useful tricks and tips you can use. First of all, increase and personalize engagement in apps and target specific audiences. Send targeted and personalized push messages to your customers based on any piece of information you have about your audience. This is a great way to attract your customers’ attention. By making it personal and showing that you appreciate each and every one of them as an individual is something that will set you apart from your competition.

Mobile messages:

Get your customer’s attention in real-time and engage them in the moment by sending them ready-made SMS and MMS templates that are extremely easy to send. Old-fashioned messaging has never been easier, and it has proved to be effective.